Google Africa Certification Scholarship

The Google Africa Certification Scholarship Program 2019

Building upon their pledge to provide mobile developer training to 100,000 Africans to develop world-class apps, Google is pleased to announce the new round of Google Africa Certification Scholarships aimed at helping developers become certified on Google’s Android, Web, and Cloud technologies.

Google Africa Certification Scholarship

Google is partnering with Pluralsight to give you free access to Pluralsight course content plus support from the Andela Learning Community across three skills development tracks: Mobile Web, Android, and Google Cloud.

Google Africa Certification Scholarship

After completing your desired skills development track, you will be eligible to receive a Google certification grant to take;

  • Google Associate Android Developer,
  • Mobile Web Specialist,
  • and Associate Cloud Engineer certifications.

For this round, the multinational technology company is offering 30,000 additional scholarship opportunities and 1,000 grants.

The Google Africa certification scholarship program will be delivered through an intensive learning curriculum designed to prepare motivated learners for entry-level and intermediate roles as software developers.

A Case Study

Although Google’s developer certifications are relatively new, they have already seen evidence that becoming certified can make a meaningful difference to developers and employers.

Adaobi Frank a graduate of the Associate Android Developer certification – got a better job that paid ten times more than her previous salary after completing her certification. Her interview was expedited as her employer was convinced that she was great for the role after she mentioned that she was certified. Now, she’s got a job that helps provide for her family – see her video up. Through their efforts, this year, Google wants to help many more developers like Ada and support the growth of startups and technology companies throughout Africa.


  • Master in-demand Google developer skills with expert-authored Pluralsight content
  • Receive support from the Andela Learning Community Program
  • Qualify to receive a Google certification grant and take the related Google certification exam for free
  • Opportunity to join Andela as a software engineer

How to Apply

Now’s the perfect time to become an expert developer. Pluralsight put together a selection of courses on the topics covered in Google’s certification programs, so you can build your skills in the most important technologies and prepare to ace your exam.

Click here to Apply

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