Garage48 Empowering Youth Kampala Hackathon 2020

It is time to get super(em)powered! Garage48 Empowering Youth Hackathon is coming to Uganda to enable youth to gain access to the field of entrepreneurship through turning ideas into businesses!

Garage48 hackathon series was initiated to boost a local startup scene by bringing the Silicon Valley attitude to Eastern Europe as well as to other developing markets. The event series got started back in April 2010 as an initiative of 6 active Estonian entrepreneurs behind successful startups – Pipedrive, Fortumo, Weekdone, Mooncascade and Taxify. As startup founders themselves, the idea was to create an experience which simulates a resource-constrained startup environment- where decisions have to be made fast and the budget is often lean. In addition, the goal was to show that with a strong motivation and get shit done attitude a lot can be achieved in just 48-hours, resulting in a real prototype and learning from others in the process.

Garage48 Empowering Youth

It has been a while, but this is the fourth time that Garage48 is organizing an event in Kampala. Being creative, expressing yourself, striving for excellence and never giving up are the key factors to initiate a change. We all have these powers, but we can’t really trigger them alone. Coming together and sharing your ideas and thoughts with everyone will give you a better understanding and create clear goals and objectives.

Empowering the young ones and giving them an opportunity to share their ideas is what makes the world go round as they are the ones who will determine our future.


Garage48 hackathon is a possibility to surround yourself with people who empower you to become better, so prepare yourself for 48-hours of excitement, inspiration, creativity, and validation. Teams are formed on spot around the best ideas (so please, do not worry if you don´t have an idea at all – you are more than welcome to the hackathon!). 48-hours that follow, will be filled with vibrant community energy, brainstorming, and hard work, all in order to turn the initial idea into a working prototype. All the teams will be supported by top-notch local and international mentors. All the finished prototypes will be presented at the Sunday finale and the best teams will receive rewarding prizes that will enable them to develop their ideas even further!

Coffee, refreshing drinks, warm meals and snacks are provided throughout the event, so you can focus on developing your idea into a full-on prototype.


  • Main Prize; Top 3 teams will get to pitch their idea in front of 100 000 people on the stage of National Career Guidance Day at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds on March 20
  • The winning team will get a spot in an equity-free online pre-acceleration program from Startup Wise Guys accelerator.  
  • Better You Academy membership for every participant!
  • Garage48 post-hackathon-mentoring for 3 consecutive months

Just to be clear, this hackathon is meant for everyone- we do not discriminate by age, gender or the ideas, as long as they all carry that spark of hope for a better tomorrow. Synergy& diversity are vital for innovation and growth!

How to Apply

Inspiring minds, young designers, developers and forward-thinkers are encouraged to apply now and get people talking by sharing your idea on the event’s Facebook page and get ready for the weekend that can change your professional life!

Click here to Apply


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