Free Huawei Artificial Intelligence Course

Huawei has announced a new free Artificial Intelligence (AI) course aimed at accelerating training and up-skilling for ICT professionals with the latest industry technologies.

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly around the world, and people’s lives and health are facing great threats. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 158 countries and regions have suspended classes, affecting more than 1.2 billion young people, accounting for approximately 69.3% of learners worldwide. Huawei launched Learn ON program to ensure the accessibility of high-quality education.

Huawei ICT Academy is a partnership between Huawei and Academies around the world. Through this partnership, Academy delivers Huawei ICT technologies training, encourages students to get Huawei certification, and develops talents with practical skills for the ICT industry and the community.

Huawei Artificial Intelligence Course

The free Artificial Intelligence course is set up to train and certify engineers who can use algorithms, such as machine learning and deep learning algorithms, to design and develop AI products and solutions and make improvement through innovation. Such engineers are competent for sales, marketing, product manager, project management, technical support, and other AI positions

The HCNA-Artificial Intelligence course uses a mainstream TensorFlow framework and supports Keras (a high-level neural network API, and deep learning framework written in Python) widely used, powerful, and has excellent compatibility necessary for fast learning.

Learning material from the course involves basic mathematics and machine learning which will guide students to gradually understand all related techniques of deep learning such as, convolutional neural networks, cyclic neural networks, regularization and optimizers.

How to Register

Follow the link below to apply for the free Huawei Artificial Intelligence course;

Click here to Register

Deadline: 5th March 2021


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