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With the coronavirus spreading across the world and many working from home, people might find themselves organizing their time in different ways. As we adjust to new ways of working, online education can play a part in helping us learn new skills or how to work more effectively.

Funza has now rounded up a number of free online courses to help you develop critical thinking, adaptability, workplace health and safety among others.

The 7 Skills of Critical Thinking

In business, critical thinking is vital to keep innovating and stay ahead of the game. The business world is moving faster than ever before, so the need for critical thinking at every organizational level is growing. But despite this, these skills seem to be lacking.

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Being Adaptable

In business, being adaptable is the only way to keep moving forward. By getting too comfortable and not adapting to changing markets, businesses fail to keep pace. And in today’s fast-moving world, companies that stand still can fade away very quickly. Because of this, adaptability is vital.

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Health and Safety

Health and Safety in the Workplace course provide learners with knowledge of the most common health and safety hazards in their workplace and how they can help to reduce them. It outlines the responsibilities that both employers and employees have under health and safety law and effective methods for reducing the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.

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COVID-19 Awareness

This course aims to increase awareness to limit transmission of COVID-19 at home and in the workplace, to help to keep you and the people around you safe. Successful completion of the course results in a certificate.

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