Creative Girls Mentorship

For Creative Girls Mentorship Program 2018

For Creative Girls Mentorship Program is a One-on-One virtual mentorship guidance that will hold for 2 months causing accelerated growth in a person who is thirsty for growth in their chosen field.

Are you a female Creative or Professional uncomfortable with the stage your art/career is? Do you want to receive tips, guidance, resources and get your work evaluated by one of these amazing women? For Creative Girls Mentorship is tailored for you.

In the creative and professional world, it helps a lot when you meet one or two people who have made a significant change or momentous increase with their Career. It’ll create a Paradigm shift and suddenly you’ll find out about resources, guides, and dreams that are achievable. During For Creative Girls Mentorship, you’ll get assigned to a Mentor, who will help you shape your work for 2 months.

Discover female creatives and their amazingness. For Creative Girls is a semi-educational platform for creative women to share insights about their creative processes (how they get things done and how they execute ideas), the way they get inspiration for their work and how to be profitable.

How to Apply

Sign up today and become part of this great adventure, Click here to Apply.

Deadline: 21st March 2018


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