The Fivefor5 Fund 2020 (For Ugandan Female Filmmakers)

Are you a Ugandan story teller or filmmaker with an outstanding script? Submit it to the Fivefor5 fund for a chance to make a 5 minute short.

The Fivefor5 fund

Ugandan actor, filmmaker and artpreneur Kemiyondo Coutinho recently raised funds for her Fivefor5 fund with an aim to give five female filmmakers from Uganda monetary facilitation each to make a five minute short film.

She stated that often, as female filmmakers, we get told to “just do it!” Whilst I value that tenacious mindset, it fails to recognize the very real costs surrounding filmmaking. Even after having made Kyenvu, which surpassed all my expectations, finding money for the next shoot has been a major hurdle. Let’s face it, there is not enough “just do it” to pay for a dp, lighting, sound, etc. This frustration led to the birth of the Fivefor5 fund.


  • The selected five will get $5,000 to help them in full production costs.
  • The selected five shall be partnered with Industry writers & directors who will mentor them throughout the five month process which will culminate in a fully funded production of their short film.
  • The selected five will also receive $500 towards film festival application fees.

The Fivefor5 fund is accepting scripts in both live action and animation. Writing & directing teams are also encouraged to apply as one applicant.

How to Apply

To apply for the fund, email the following to;

  1. A short film script no longer than 8 pages that responds to the theme; “See Me!”
  2. A six-page look book
  3. A 500-word essay on why this story is important & why you are the person to tell this story.

Deadline: 31st January 2020


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