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The Enjuba Spelling Bee Internship Opportunity 2018

The Enjuba Spelling Bee Internship is now open for applications. Enjuba Spelling Bee is a catalytic education organization that is aimed at developing responsible citizens, authentic leaders, and credible change agents through a number of literacy initiatives, such as reading, writing, and spelling.

Enjuba believes that words can change the world and that we can harness their power to transform our country and the world. Through these literacy initiatives, we are building on this transformative power of words in schools to enable children to improve their literacy, unlock their imagination and develop key life skills such as confidence, teamwork, critical thinking, and presentation.

About Enjuba Spelling Bee Internship

The Enjuba Spelling Bee internship applicants must be at least in their second year of University, ready to work in a dynamic social environment with the ability to take initiative.

  • The intern will be expected to participate in supporting events; this includes brainstorming ideas for events, marketing, and logistics.
  • Making phone calls to people to attend events organized by the company.
  • Set up and run Enjuba reading and spelling bee events and participate in teacher training.
  • Making Sales; this involves selling books published by Enjuba to children, parents, schools, companies etc.
    Social Media support, creating content and engaging with people on social media to promote Enjuba’s mission.
  • The intern will also be required to develop and submit a comprehensive report in line with the reporting guidelines i.e. daily activity timesheet submitted every fortnight and the end of placement report.


  • Should be creative, innovative, honest and respectful to colleagues and the community.
  • Must be highly disciplined, enthusiastic and committed.
  • Should be energetic, eager to work and willing to learn.
  • Should be a good time manager and pay attention to detail.
  • Willingness to work in teams and cooperate with a diverse network of people.
  • Applicants MUST be at least second-year university students offering Business, Social Sciences courses from a recognized institution.

How to Apply

All suitably qualified and interested Enjuba Spelling Bee intern candidates are encouraged to submit a maximum of a 2 page detailed CV, letter of recommendation from their respective universities and any other academic documents by e-mail to spellingbee@enjuba.com.

Deadline:  21st May 2018


3 thoughts on “The Enjuba Spelling Bee Internship Opportunity 2018

  1. Ayesiga Leonard on Reply

    Am a graduate of abachelors In development studies can I also have an opportunity to work with you as avolunteer ? and which benefits are associated with it ?

  2. Uzama Shadiya on Reply

    I’m currently a law student interested in this initiative. it’s sad that it’s only available for business and social science students.

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