Enabling Enterprise in Uganda

The Enabling Enterprise in Uganda Training Programme 2018

Throughout 2018 in Uganda, In Place of War in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation will be delivering a Creative and Social Entrepreneur short course; Enabling Enterprise in Uganda, with focus on mentoring and prizes for the most promising business ideas.

The Creative and Social Entrepreneur Programme (CASE) is a short course devised by In Place of War, and certified by the University of Manchester (UK). Enabling Enterprise in Uganda Training Programme offers participants an amazing and unique opportunity to develop and launch their creative project or business via a proven and successful learning framework.

Target Audience

  • The Enabling Enterprise in Uganda Training Programme has been designed for emerging entrepreneurs who are keen to start a career in the creative industries or interested in using creativity to deal with social/community issues.
  • The course is also suitable for those already working in the creative industries at a grassroots or community level, and for those who want to develop their project.
  • This course aims to develop practical skills, knowledge, and networks in the creative industries and social enterprise sector.


There are no formal academic entry requirements or qualifications for the Enabling Enterprise in Uganda Training Programme. However, participants must:

  • Be aged 15-30;
  • Provide up to date contact details and address;
  • Have a passion or interest in a creative discipline and/or an interest in creative practice for social change;
  • Demonstrate their entrepreneurial potential showing awareness of potential audiences or markets for their product/service or original concept;
  • Have a good level of English (speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English) as the programme will be delivered in English. Students will be expected to follow explanations of concepts and models as well as deliver presentations to the class in English;
  • Be able to attend ALL sessions over a 14-day training period in order to complete the programme. If for whatever reason, you are unable able to attend the full 14-day session during the dates provided, we strongly advise you to apply to one of the later training cycles. Learners are expected to attend all the sessions and participate fully in classroom activities and will only be awarded a certificate of participation if they complete the programme;
  • Understand that as 100% attendance by participants is a requirement of the course failed to meet this may result in participants being withdrawn from the course;
  • Be responsible for managing their Creative/Social Challenge project under the guidance of the trainer and appreciate that there will be an emphasis on self-guided learning;
  • Be responsible, motivated and driven to fully participate in the programme.

Recruitment Process

There are three remaining cycles of training in 2018 and each training programme will be delivered over a 14 day period. Each cycle of training will be delivered to a maximum of 15 participants. The dates for the three cycles of training are (note cycle 1 is already full):

Cycle 2: 28 May – 10 June 2018, in Kampala

Cycle 3: 30 July – 12 August 2018 Gulu/Kitgum

Cycle 4: 1 – 14 October 2018, in Kampala.

In Place of War are currently recruiting for cycle 2 only. Applicants for cycles 3 and 4 will be opened later in the year.

As stressed in the entry criteria participants must be able to available for the whole programme. Prospective participants are invited to complete a short online questionnaire as part of the application process.

How to Apply 

Interested in applying for the enabling enterprise in Uganda training? Print the questionnaire attached below and submit to applications@inplaceofwar.net.

Click Here to Download the Questionnaire

Idea Presentation – Video/Audio

As well as submitting the questionnaire, applicants are asked to send a brief video or audio recording telling the team about your creative idea (of no more than 3 minutes duration). You should tell us the following:

  • What is your product or service?
  • Who is your product or service for?
  • How will you get your service or product to your customer?
  • How will you make money so you can continue to deliver your service or product?

They will accept presentations in MP4 and MP3 formats.

Your recording/video should demonstrate your ability to generate innovative creative enterprise ideas and your potential as a creative or social entrepreneur. In Place of War define creative businesses to include, but are not limited to:  

  • Advertising                           
  • Arts and Antiques Market
  • Architecture
  • Fashion Design  
  • Handicrafts                           
  • Design
  • Film and video             
  • Computer Games
  • Music             
  • Performing Arts (theatre, dance)
  • Publishing
  • Software and computer services
  • Radio
  • Television

If you have any website links or photos to show us examples of your work, please send these along with your application.

The deadline for submission is 15th April 2018. Only 250 applications will be accepted. Applications received after the deadline, or after the first 250 applications – whichever is sooner, will not be considered.

All successful candidates will be informed by the 30th of April 2018.


2 thoughts on “The Enabling Enterprise in Uganda Training Programme 2018

  1. Odeke jeffers on Reply

    This is really good opportunity to learn and relearn more concepts about social entrepreneurship. This is important to most youth in the current economical and social state of our country, Uganda.

  2. Atuheire Hosea on Reply

    This is a kind of effort we need to drive our society towards sustainable growth and development. unfortunately I missed this chance but may I know when the next chance is coming?

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