Digital & Data-Driven Journalism Skills Training

Digital & Data-Driven Journalism Skills Training 2018/19

Pollicy in collaboration with Code For Africa is conducting a digital & data-driven journalism skills training for the year 2018/2019.

What is digital journalism?

A definition by Wikipedia: Digital journalism also known as online journalism is a contemporary form of journalism where editorial content is distributed via the Internet as opposed to publishing via print or broadcast.”

It is important to note that the major distinction between digital journalism and citizen journalism is that the former is a full blow industry that uses journalists and professionals as opposed to the latter that uses anyone who can access a digital device to share a story they deem important.

This year, your media house could be among the chosen few to receive digital & data-driven journalism skills training and be part of the media houses receiving this training across 12 major countries in Africa.

Why media houses need to embrace digital journalism training

  • The nature of news consumption on the internet

The internet is a dynamic place that accommodates people from different demographic backgrounds. Media houses need to address how each of these groups consumes information especially when it is targeted at them. Digital Journalism covers how information can be constructed and tailored to a target group, it also takes into account analytics around the new reach.

  • Media houses have a huge role to play in distinguishing themselves and their journalists from citizen journalists

Citizen journalism can easily overtake digital journalism if the right tools are not taken into account and utilized by media houses. Under a combined and commercial effort, media houses have the capability to stand out from just being mere citizen reporters by using providing articulate and carefully wrangled information to their followers.

  • The growth of all-round journalists

A great place to work is a place that provides both a serving and learning experience in one package. In order to continue breeding a better generation of journalists, media houses ought to invest in equipping their journalists with skills they would otherwise not be found in a traditional curriculum setting. This will set them apart and elevate the quality of work they do on a global level.

How to Apply

Send the team an email at explaining why you would like to be a part of digital & data-driven journalism skills training, also include the size of your team and available time commitments.

Deadline: To be communicated soon


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