Stories on Depression: In the Eyes of Society I’m A Failure

I see you giving up, it feels like nothing is working out!  In the eyes of society, you are considered a failure. At this moment in your life the “NO’s” from your efforts overpower the “YES’s” of your expectations; Motivational speakers make no sense because you seem to find yourself only when they hint on what never worked out in their speeches; Life never gave you a menu so you can choose and neither did it come with a manual to teach you how to handle situations.

Words of encouragement feel like the same old song you have grown tired of because you could sing it word for word but the lyrics never seem to change; at this point you feel like the blueprint of failure, a roadmap to disaster, success feels like a distant cousin you have lost touch with wondering if they feel you still related! You are alive but not living, it’s frustrating.

Fam I got you, that was me a few years ago and matter of fact it would be a lie if I said I got it all figured because the struggle succeed is a wound we keep nursing every single day hoping one day our scar will be vivid enough to tell the story of the pain and inflictions some day.

If it is rejection, I’ve been there; when my photography lecturer said in front a lecturer room of students that my eye wasn’t good enough for photography and matter of fact wondered how I ever got into Makerere University, I quit University so I could find myself; when my fine art high school teacher felt my stick figure drawings were too kiddish and not a form of art one at my age could conform to, I sulked it in and smiled; when I submitted to 18 film festivals and got 18 rejections, it hurt my feelings but pushed me towards self-discovery. When my primary five science teacher swore that I would end up pushing a wheelbarrow screaming fasi-fasi in Nakawa market, I kept going. Fam the world offered me a chance to tap out but little did they know they were contributing to amazing chapters of my life story.

Such circumstances make you feel like stumbling blocks are layers of your success that you have to pile up so someday someone out there will peel off that which makes sense to them.

Despite all the rejections from University, I quit and 2 years later I was a film and cinematography lecturer at 2 universities; Despite 18 film festival rejections, I have gone on to gather 68 film festival nominations and selections globally and a bonus of 5 awards to my belt; despite failing at making my first film over 6 times, I have 5 short films that have created such an impact that one (Silent Depression) was used as a case study on the impact of filmmaking and smartphones on humanity at the Nation Museum Of Scotland in 2016. Fam I can go on and on and on but none of it may make sense to you because it’s just another post but this is where you come in.

One thing for sure is me and you have one thing in common, giving up has never been an option especially if failure is the only opportunity granted to us. Wake up every morning determined to beat the odds and not forgetting that for every dark night, there is a brighter day after that.


Posted by George Stanley Nsamba

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