To The Girl Who Felt Depressed On Valentine’s Day

You were not alone.

To the girl who felt depressed on Valentine’s day:

Trust me when I say this, you were not alone. I know you think that you are the only one who was alone, but there are so many others like you, who were waiting for the discount chocolate to come out on the 15th and people who were making themselves chocolate covered strawberries.

It’s totally normal to see all the stuffed animals and wish someone would show how much they appreciate you and buy them for you. It’s also totally normal to buy a large stuffed animal for yourself and cuddle with it in your room while you watch chick flicks alone. Needless to say, there are many pros and even more cons to this holiday that is made up and capitalized on.

On a more serious note, it’s definitely okay if your mental health started to take a toll during that time. I know people during this month say “oh I’m so depressed because I’m single”, and not know what that phrase actually entails.

Instead of getting angry, you simply have to attempt to smile and ignore the ignorance. There’s already enough crappy things happening during this season, it’s time to leave the fight against ignorance for another one. I totally understand the extreme sadness or anxiety that is attached to any major holiday though. Especially on Valentine’s day. For starters, as mentioned earlier, it’s just a day. A simple day of the week and this completely made up holiday makes every single girl feel insecure for no reason. It also puts a lot of pressure on someone to be happy. For everyone who wasn’t feeling overwhelmed by the day, they were probably smiling and in love. It’s okay if you felt like puking on every single happy couple.

But it’s also okay if you started to relapse a little bit, but then picked yourself back up and realize your worth. This one holiday, this one day where you’re reminded that you’re single, is not the end of the fantastic world that you have built for yourself.

One way to combat the effects from this day of over-priced and overwhelming large amounts of chocolate is to practice some self-care all week. If you didn’t have a Valentine, fine, you can make up for this. Spend on your self this week or month. For many people, self-care looks like so many different things. Sometimes it is organizing your entire room, and moving furniture around. Other times, it is taking a bubble bath so good that your fingers start to look like raisins. Sometimes, self-care is going to the gym and working so hard to the point of where you cannot feel your legs anymore. Or, it’s putting on a face mask and reading a good book, or watching your favorite show.

Regardless of how you took care of yourself on Valentine’s day, you were strong enough to get through it. It is one day out of three hundred and sixty-five. If you’re able to survive the other ones, this one was clearly just the same, but with a little more emphasis on taking care of yourself. I believe in you because you can and went through this holiday, regardless of the circumstances.

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