DataFest Kampala

DataFest Kampala 2019; the First Data Festival in East Africa

DataFest Kampala is the first edition of an international community event in East Africa bringing together data scientists, technologists, designers, government, civil society, business and marketing to connect and explore opportunities for collaboration.

The DataFest Kampala is organised by Pollicy, a Uganda-based technology consulting and development firm aimed at improving government service delivery through improved civic engagement and participation.

Data, Design and Technology

Data and the ability to act upon data are critical to the development of a country. Any planning, allocation and implementation require data to effectively run/iterate programs, draw investments and adequately measure progress towards socio-economic goals.

A majority of countries in Africa lack this information at all levels required for data-driven decision making due to a lack of data use culture as well as inadequate funding, resources and analytical capacity, with basic data building blocks such as birth, death, growth etc. missing.

By thinking of government like a business, citizens as customers and data as business intelligence, we have the potential to re-design how governments and citizens interact with one another and how informational flows. 

DataFest Kampala 2019 Agenda

  • Talks and Dialogue; Learn about the latest trends in data across multiple sectors.
  • Interactive Workshops; Hands-on training on a diverse range of topics.
  • Network and Collaborate; Meet fellow data enthusiasts from across the world.


A major focus for this DataFest Kampala will be the use of data in decision-making for both the public and private sector.

  • Data and Government; A look into how the government uses data for decision making, including public data policies, data protection, and open data.
  • Advancing Artificial Intelligence; Exploring the opportunities and ethics of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the African context.
  • Financial Data and Technology; Unlocking big data and new technologies to promote financial inclusion.
  • Data Science for Businesses; An opportunity to learn how companies and startups are using data to drive profits and growth.

Event Date and Location

The first ever DataFest Kampala will run from March 6th to 7th, 2019 and will be held at the Innovation Village, located in Ntinda on Ntinda complex, block B level 3.

How to Attend

Interested in attending Datafest Kampala? You will need to register and get tickets to access the event venue, follow the links to below to start.

For more information, email Pollicy at or visit their blog at


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