DataFest Kampala

DataFest Kampala 2020

DataFest Kampala is the second edition of an international community event in East Africa bringing together data scientists, technologists, designers, government, civil society, business and marketing to connect and explore opportunities for collaboration.

The DataFest Kampala is organised by Pollicy, a Uganda-based technology consulting and development firm aimed at improving government service delivery through improved civic engagement and participation.

DataFest Kampala 2020

This year, the major focus for DataFest Kampala will be the use of data in human rights and shaping a collective future of responsible technology use. The event will centre on the following themes;

  • Human Rights; A look into the positive contributions of data applications in human rights work, as well as the ethics of these emerging technologies
  • Arts and Culture; Exploring how data and technology are shaping arts and culture in the region towards our conceptualization of Afrofuturism
  • Emerging Frontiers; What’s next in how we contextualize data for our needs? How can machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence impact life as we know it?


  • Talks and Dialogue; Learn about the latest trends in data across multiple sectors.
  • Interactive Workshops; Hands-on training on a diverse range of topics.
  • Network and Collaborate; Meet fellow data enthusiasts from across the world.

Event Date

The second DataFest Kampala will run from April 2nd, 8:30 AM to 3rd, 2020.

How to Attend

Join Pollicy for the two-day event as we bring you inspirational talks, enlightening panel discussions and a full day of hands-on workshops on IoT, gamification, data visualization, web scraping and more by booking a FREE ticket here:

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For more information, email Pollicy at or visit


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