Data Analysis Masterclass

The Data Analysis Masterclass by UPSkill (A 4-Week Course)

The Data Analysis Masterclass is a 4-week course on exploring data, specialization, and evidence-based decisions making in business today as taught by UPSkill.

UPSkill is focused on skilling for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. This is achieved through identifying today’s most in-demand skills and then providing the necessary training for such skills required to compete in today’s demanding business arena. All their courses are delivered by industry experts with significant experience and thought leadership in their field.

The Data Analysis Masterclass

If DATA is the new oil, discover how to mine it. Businesses increasingly create, track and rely on data. The success of this depends on the ability to synthesize your findings and prepares you to make an argument in a professional setting. Enter the world of Analysis to discover how to pose questions, explore your data to find patterns and tell your story with logical predictions. Data is now an integral part of every business. To be successful in today’s business landscape you need to leverage data to make critical business decisions.

The masterclass is targeted for, those looking to;

  • Make data-driven plans.
  • Define strategies based on previous performances.
  • Discover unexpected segments including customised strategies to explore them.
  • Explore effectiveness of initiatives.
  • Sharpen your data analysis skills with new tool-sets and skill-sets.

By the end of the masterclass, you will be able to;

  • Use Excel and SQL to collect, clean and analyze large datasets.
  • Bickering data into a format you can use to find and fix your problems.
  • Tell compelling stories with your data with logical conclusions and predictions.

Event Date and Location

The Data Analysis Masterclass is a 4-week course taking place every Thursday and Friday beginning from the 8th & 9th of February 2018 at The Innovation Village located in Ntinda, Uganda.

How to Attend

Interested? Follow the link below to register for a spot at the Data Analysis Masterclass.

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For more information, email them at or visit their website at


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