Catapult: Inclusion Africa Program 2020 (For Fintech Startups)

Building on the success of the 2018 edition of Catapult: Inclusion Africa, the second edition of this unique program of Fintech startup development is now open for applications.

The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) strongly believes that financial technology is crucial to advancing financial inclusion, empowering groups that have been left behind by the traditional financial system. Whether it’s financing for rural farmers, point of sale technology for underbanked merchants, or specialised insurance products, the positive impact being driven by entrepreneurship is improving lives around the world. As such, Financial Inclusion is a key focus of the LHoFT Foundation.

Catapult Inclusion Africa

Developed by the LHoFT Foundation, the program targets companies focusing on financial inclusion in Africa, aiming to build bridges between Africa and Europe, highlighting their initiatives and very much aligned with the sustainability goals of Luxembourg’s finance centre.

Catapult: Inclusion Africa 2020 will be a 1-week training and networking bootcamp, hosted in Luxembourg between 1st and 8th March 2020, for 12 Fintech firms working to improve financial inclusion in Africa. The program will run in English. Travel and accommodation costs for the participating Fintech companies will be covered.

The principle aim of Catapult Africa is to provide support to promising Fintechs for Financial Inclusion startups and help them move to the next stage of their development in Africa and in Europe.

Catapult: Inclusion Africa Pitch Session – Vouch Digital

Parallel to the focus on startups, the bootcamp will support the promotion of Fintech for Financial Inclusion topic to the broader Responsible Finance sector in Luxembourg and beyond, to include PFIs, MFIs, Fund Managers,
Philanthropists, Advisory and Support firms. The goal is to highlight and promote synergies, collaboration and potential partnerships between the participating Fintechs and these institutions.

Finally, the bootcamp aims to promote and draw attention to the importance and value of Fintech for Financial Inclusion, through local and international media exposure, with the goal of focusing broad attention to the initiatives that are driving positive change in Africa.

How to Apply

Catapult: Inclusion Africa will once again leverage Luxembourg’s Inclusive Finance and Fintech ecosystem to support 12 highly selected firms in developing their businesses and achieving their inclusion goals.

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Deadline: 30th December 2019

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