UPPA Storytelling Workshop

Canon & UPPA Storytelling Workshop (Training Young Photographers)

The Uganda Press Photo Award (UPPA) is proud to call all young people for the Canon & UPPA Storytelling Workshop with Canon trainer Georgina Goodwin.

Uganda Press Photo Award (UPPA) was conceived with support from the Foreign Correspondents’ Association of Uganda and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in 2012 as a competition for Ugandan photojournalists and photographers who work hard and sometimes take great risks so the rest of us can stay informed about what is happening. The award’s aim is to promote the best of today’s photojournalism in Uganda, supporting visual literacy as well as encouraging a new generation of photographers by focusing on photographic education through our programmes. It also seeks to remind the viewing public of the importance of a vibrant press for democratic development.

The Canon & UPPA Storytelling Workshop 2018


This year, UPPA is partnering with Canon Central & North Africa for another week-long storytelling training dubbed the Canon & UPPA Storytelling Workshop by Kenyan photographer Georgina Goodwin Photojournalist.

The Canon & UPPA Storytelling Workshop will be a practical training scheduled to take place on 25th to 30th of June at the Friedrich-Ebert Uganda Offices located at Plot 5B, John Babiiha Avenue.

All participants will be required to tell a visual story by the end of the workshop week.

How to Apply

Interested in joining the Canon & UPPA Storytelling Workshop? Submit the following to info@ugandapressphoto.org

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Portfolio or link to where UPPA can view your work
  • A motivational Letter as to why you want to attend the workshop

Deadline: 13th June 2018.


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