Action is what differentiates Hire the Youth from job boards and youth forums that focus on open job listings, traffic and research. Through Hire the Youth Organisation Campaigns, It merges youth-friendly job listings with tangible action through youthful programs and partnerships to create reforms that change lives in the community.

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  • Our Future, Our Say
  • Freshman Career Fair
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Hire The Youth Club

A youth-network of neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who come together to ensure positive, lasting change in our society and schools through shaping young people to find real and lasting employment.

In Uganda today, the fast rising youth unemployment hurts everyone but at-risk youth suffer the most. To fight this, we developed Hire the Youth Club. We believe that this will help bring together diverse voices, including youth, employers, and the community allies. The ideas and experiences of members will help shape the ability of young people in Uganda to find real, lasting employment. Solving the unemployment problem takes real commitment and vision.


hire the youth club

Our Future, Our Say

This is a national campaign by the young people to draw attention to the crisis of youth unemployment in communities all over Uganda. The Ugandan economy is shifting fast and striving to be regionally competitive, employers place a huge premium on qualifications, skills and work experience. It is not due to chance or perceived attitudes of young people today that we find over half of the youth population are jobless.

There is a strong need to restore hope for the emerging generation. Young people need to stand up for their future and ask for the help they deserve. Our campaign will focus on holding those in-charge accountable for the youth job connection gap.

The campaign will aim at;

  • Setting a platform where the voices of young people are heard by those that make policies and laws that affect their lives.
  • Setting a structured dialogue that will bring together young people and policy makers across Uganda to jointly discuss and feel into the youth policy at national level.
  • Push for the education system to teach more practical skills at lower school levels (Secondary)
  • A solution for fresh graduates to be given chances into companies on internship basis as a start


our future our say

Other campaign details are to be added shortly after they kick-start.