8 Profitable Business Ideas for any Introvert

If you’re an introvert, chance is you’ve had jobs that you never quite enjoyed. You have several qualities which makes you independent-minded and thrive when you work alone. Understandably, you want to find an enjoyable career path that provides you satisfaction and comfort. As an introvert, you would prefer;

  • work which doesn’t involve teams
  • a business that lets you work remotely
  • to do away with a lot of networking

So, here are 8 business ideas we believe are best suited for you;

Graphic Design

The perfect job for people who love to work behind the scenes, graphic design is a great way to make a living. It is easy to get started as far as you’re tech-savvy, have good online marketing strategies and inclined towards the arts.

Equipment needed: A computer and design software.


With the rise of blogs and social media pages choking the internet, there are loads of options to choose from when it comes to writing. Blogging, freelance writing, copywriting, technical writing and scriptwriting all have significant demand. Demand is set to keep growing as digital business growth continues. It is important to select a niche and focus on writing great content.

Equipment needed: A computer or smartphone

Social Media Consultant/ Manager

Even as you read this article, chance is you got here from social media. There are so many accounts coming up and others looking to hire someone to keep brands interactive online. Managing social media accounts requires you to interact with lots of people, but only online. So you can easily offer your services as a social media consultant for businesses without leaving your home or workspace.

Equipment needed: A computer or smartphone, internet bundle

Cv Writer

With millions of job seekers literally everywhere on the globe, cv or resume writing can be a lucrative business. You can offer these services to job-seeking clients and helping them put together winning resumes and cover letters as an introvert. Furthermore, you can direct them to online job portals like Hire the Youth.

Equipment needed: A computer

Online Editor

As earlier mentioned, there are thousands of blogs and social media pages choking the internet so there are loads of options to choose from when it comes to writing. If you have strong communication skills but prefer working remotely and communicating mainly online, you can offer your services as an introvert editor for these bloggers or online publications.

Equipment needed: A computer or smartphone, internet bundle

Web designer/developer

As a web designer, most of your clients are likely to be small businesses and organizations. The cost of hiring a larger agency to design and code a custom website is out of reach for many small businesses. As an introvert, you can fill the gap by offering services that small businesses and non-profits can afford. 

Equipment needed: A computer, training courses, internet bundle

App Developer

Introverts make excellent app developers due to their introverted nature. This makes app development a great option for an introvert. Developing apps is a niche skillset, and there is a huge demand for app developers.

Equipment needed: A computer, training courses, app development kits

Content Creator

Today there are very many digital agencies and social media pages in need of content every day. The more unique you are with words, the more opportunities there are for you. Businesses understand that unique content marketing creates an impression that lasts forever. Telling the story of a brand is what builds loyalty. So why not tap into this market as an introvert.

Equipment needed: A computer or smartphone

Do you have a suggestion on a business idea that should make the list? Do let us know.


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