Boundless Leadership Corp

The Boundless Leadership Corp 2019 (For High School Graduates)

Many young people face a difficult transition from school to work and end up in unemployment because of unequal skills development. The Boundless Leadership Corp was developed from useful insights on the issue of volunteering as a pathway to employment.

Uganda’s education calendar has an 8 months’ break between high school graduation and university entry. The Boundless Leadership Corp program that emphasizes service learning, the team can enable hundreds of young people across the country to have a head-start in the job market and emerge as entrepreneurs and leaders.

Up to 30 graduates will be selected for the Boundless Leadership Corp. The program will require commitment to yield maximum results.

Boundless Leadership Corp 2019

The Boundless Leadership Corp is a week volunteer training and community service placement program. Under the program, the team recruit and train high school graduates and place them in schools as volunteers to:

  • Support teachers in the planning and implementation of extracurricular activities like elections of students’ leaders, sports activities, cultural days, etc
  • Develop, fundraise for and implement community projects in collaboration with the placement schools.

The Boundless Leadership Corp curriculum affords participants the opportunity for personal and career growth through mentorship, leadership, community service and volunteerism.

  • 2-day orientation
  • Training: A 3-week training will be conducted to equip participants with the skills required for the school placement and community service.
  • Organization placement: Participants will be placed in organizations for hands-on training.
  • Community service: Carry out a service in the community of the organization with which you are placed.

How to Apply

To apply for the Boundless Leadership Corp;

  1. Click here to download, fill and send the application form
  2. Send the application form to

Deadline: Ongoing


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