Aspiring Entrepreneurs Program 2021

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Program is based off the idea that the foundation of a building is a major part of the building that supports its weight and should be built with care because it determines how strong and firm the building will stand.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Program

The Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (AEP) was birthed to equip aspiring women entrepreneurs with the Competence, Confidence and Connections to build a strong foundation for their businesses. Participants receive practical knowledge and guidance on how to move from idea to startup using a framework that will improve the long-term sustainability and profitability of their businesses.

The 2021 AEP Program will be in two Phases;

Phase 1: This will run from March-May 2021 and will empower selected participants with comprehensive training adapted from a curriculum designed by an International Organisation and deployed successfully in over 100 countries. Sessions will be facilitated by experienced African entrepreneurs and faculty members of leading Business Schools. Mentors will  work with participants helping them to navigate the business landscape with fewer challenges

Phase 2: This will run from June – August 2021 and will further develop the competencies of the most promising 50 entrepreneurs from phase 1 with practical one-on-one business coaching from experienced entrepreneurs to help them launch and grow their businesses successfully. These 50 entrepreneurs have an opportunity to pitch for start-off grants and other funding.


  • Citizens of any African country
  • Career professionals or students who want to transition to becoming Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs that need a framework to evaluate opportunities, manage startup, and finance new ventures.
  • Entrepreneurs that want to revisit their business models to enable them to become profitable and sustainable
  • Proficiency in verbal and Written English·        
  • Regular (at least weekly) access to the Internet through a computer or tablet·        
  • A passion to establish profitable, successful and sustainable enterprise(s)· 
  • 6 – 8 hours weekly to dedicate to this program·        
  • Value to add and receive from a growing network of African Women Entrepreneurs


  • Practical Knowledge, mentoring and hands-on coaching to start-up and grow their business
  • A Network of women to help and support their business through the entrepreneurial journey
  • Mentoring from successful women entrepreneurs across Africa
  • Resources to start and grow their business
  • Opportunity to win a start-up grant to launch their business

How to Apply

Interested applicants for the Aspiring Entrepreneurs Program (AEP) 2021 are encouraged to follow the link below;

Click here to Apply

Deadline: 12th February 2021


2 thoughts on “Aspiring Entrepreneurs Program 2021

  1. Victoire mwaka on Reply

    I’am very impressed with the great impact you are creating seeing the high rate of youth unemployment is reducing.
    I’m also a co-founder at Arise youth academy that empowers refugees youth in Uganda kyegegwa district precisly in kyaka ll refugees setllement.
    I’m so much interested with what I have read through your website and I feel and convinced that together with this we shall bring out the world we want to see,
    I would suggest that we may have a call to deeply understand ourselves and with a lot of respect I request that you be the one for the meeting schedule.
    I’m eagerly waiting to get in touch with you +256784397002

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