Andela-IDI Health Hackathon

The Andela-IDI Health Hackathon 2019

Andela is bringing together developers, designers and product managers from across Uganda to congregate at Kampala Serena Hotel for the first ever Andela-IDI Health Hackathon in the country.

In the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there is a need to identify teams that are looking to create solutions that involve different stakeholders to address key health issues in Uganda.

As technology leaders, Andela is seeking to showcase how technology can be used for public good, the inclusion of all and improving access to health and innovations.

Andela-IDI Health Hackathon

The Andela-IDI Health Hackathon is a 2-day hackathon that includes 17 hours of nonstop hacking to create mobile-based solutions around sustainable health for all. The hackathon will bring together 10 teams from both Andela and the wider tech ecosystem. The top 3 teams will be eligible to receive grant writing support from the Infectious Diseases Institute.

The theme to the first Andela-IDI Health Hackathon is “Technology for the last mile.”

The Ugandan Academy for Health Innovations and Impact, a programme within the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) Makerere University will also be hosting its second annual Health Innovations Conference with which the Andela-IDI Health Hackathon is being organized in line with.

The Andela-IDI Health Hackathon Challenge

This is a chance for techies to contribute to one of the biggest issues facing society today. This hackathon’s focus is on solutions that sustainably bring health services to the last mile.

Software developers, designers, product managers and media professionals get to spend 2 days prototyping solutions to address issues currently facing the local health ecosystem. Keep in mind that, each team’s solution will be judged on business and technical aspects.

Andela-IDI Health Hackathon

A number of factors are to be considered;

Version Control

  • Each team and its progress in building out its solution will be monitored primarily with the use of source control tools such as git, svn, mercurial etc, and web platforms such as Github and Bitbucket.
  • Each team is encouraged to make regular commits to the project repository. The Git branch workflow is highly recommended because it ensures the project is added to in modular fashion.
  • At the end of the hackathon, the repository’s commit and merge history will be reviewed to ensure that version control tools were used.

Services and Infrastructure

  • Teams building solutions that require hosting to be demoed are encouraged to use free hosting services such as Heroku.
  • Teams whose solutions involve payment integration are encouraged to take advantage of the newly released MOMO API.

How to Apply

Interested participants are encouraged to register in multi-skilled and mix-gendered teams.

Follow the link below and express your interest to participate in the Andela-IDI Health Hackathon! You will be re-directed to a form that will capture more details.

Click here to Apply

Deadline: 11th March 2019

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