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The Airtel Uganda Internship Program 2020

The Airtel Uganda Internship Program is an annual opportunity for many young people to gain outstanding skills that will propel them above the competition in the job market.

In June 2010, Airtel Uganda was launched and is today one of Uganda’s most innovative mobile phone operator, which has introduced many “firsts” in the telecommunications sector.

Airtel Uganda Internship

Airtel Uganda understands how many youth feel during the initial days in a new organization, and hence they are constantly with you during that crucial time and thereafter for your entire journey with the Airtel Uganda Internship!

Interns go through the welcome to Airtel orientation programme on their first day of joining and a follow up is made months within joining the Airtel Uganda Internship Program to ensure that you have hit the ground running.

Apply today for the 2020 Airtel Internship

In our 2019 internship program, our interns immersed themselves in the Airtel culture and work ways to shape their career path in various fields of study. You now have the opportunity to have a similar experience with our 2020 internship program. Visit to apply.

Slået op af Airtel Uganda i Onsdag den 18. marts 2020

Airtel believes in nurturing talent and together they can work towards shaping their customers future through the Airtel Uganda Internship Program.

Currently the departments and careers open to the Airtel Uganda Internship program include but are not limited to;

  • Customer Service
  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Networks
  • IT
  • Legal&Regulatory
  • Finance
  • Mobile Money
  • Enterprise
  • Sales&Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management

Terms & Conditions

  • Only students who are recommended to undertake internship by their university should apply i.e. students should possess a letter of recommendation from their university.
  • Internship places are available for the period of 1st June – 31 st August 2020 in several departments depending on the course being pursued.
  • Please note that our preferred interns are 2nd-year students for those doing 3-year course and 2nd & 3rd-year students for students doing 4-5 year courses.
  • Participants must have a LinkedIn account and follow Airtel Uganda on LinkedIn to qualify.
  • All applications for internship should be submitted online through the Airtel Uganda official website page.
  • All those who had delivered their applications to Airtel Uganda are advised to re-apply online.
  • Participants will be expected to answer the 20 Questions in 9 minutes and after 9 minutes the system will time out and submit the answered questions by then.
  • Only successful applicants will be contacted.
  • Successful applicants will be subject to a secondary and final interview.
  • The names of the applicants after the final interview will be published on our website and social media platforms.

How to Apply

Click Here to Apply

Deadline: 15th April 2020


7 thoughts on “The Airtel Uganda Internship Program 2020

  1. Bisowerero Musa on Reply

    I’m a student of Makerere University offering Bachelors of Commerce External in Year 3 specialising in Accounting. I am an enthusiastic, energetic, God-fearing, competent, reliable, self-motivated and hardworking person. I have the potential to perform my tasks and duties diligently and reliably with minimum supervision. I possess cultural awareness and sensitivity. I am honest, respectful and demonstrate sound work ethics. I also enjoy working in a team, exceeding targets and I look for ways to do things better. I possess personal integrity and a commitment to behave ethically with the ability to lead and work effectively with people in an organized setting.


    Thanks Airtel for giving us such an opportunity to grow and get experience with you .We appreciate the services and opportunity rendered to us.

  3. Bugendage stellamaria on Reply

    This is a very good opportunity that airtel is offering. All students this kind of training to develop and become better persons.
    Airtel we appreciate your services

  4. Phionah Tumwebaze on Reply

    Thanks airtel for the opportunity given unto us to exercise our skills with you, we hope to have the vest training that will give us a chance to carry on our carriers with time


    Thanks airtel we do really appreciate…
    I would like to inquire if there is chance to still apply for internship since the program was interfered by the pandemic lockdown

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