African Union Youth Volunteer Corps

The African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC) Cohort 10

The African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC), established in 2010, is a continental development program that promotes youth volunteerism in Africa. The program aims to deepen the status of young people as key actors in Africa’s development targets and goals, enhancing their participation in policy development as well as design and implementation of relevant interventions towards the Africa Union’s Agenda 2063, ‘The Africa we want’.

The African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC) brings people together to share skills, knowledge, creativity and learning to build a more integrated, prosperous and peaceful Continent driven by its citizens. The volunteering opportunities are intended to build professionalism and a sense of responsibility among the participants, thus enhancing their employability.

African Union Youth Volunteer Corps

Young African professionals are recruited to serve for a period of 12 months as AU Volunteers in an AU Member State other than their own.

Benefits of African Union Youth Volunteer Corps

The African Union Commission and partners will cover the full costs of pre-deployment training volunteer deployment for successful candidates. 

African Union Youth Volunteers will receive the following benefits & opportunities:

  • Unique opportunity to interact with African Union processes and structure 
  • Economy return air ticket from home town to place of deployment
  • A modest monthly stipend
  • Health insurance cover
  • AU Service Passport 
  • Separation allowance on successful completion of twelve months service 
  • Training and mentorship opportunities 


Applicants for African Union Youth Volunteer Corps have to meet the following criteria:

  • Citizen of an AU Member State living on the continent or the Diaspora;
  • Aged between 18 – 35 years;
  • Have a post-secondary certified qualification(s) (TVET, Bachelor’s, Master’s, etc.)
  • Available to dedicate 12 (twelve) months for volunteer work;
  • Willing to live and work in another AU Member State;
  • Is proficient in at least one AU working language (Arabic, English, French, Portuguese);
  • Have at least one-year verifiable volunteering experience and one-year professional work experience

How to Apply

Aspiring volunteers who fulfil all requirements should fill out the online application form and upload their CV.

Please visit to apply and become an African Union Youth Volunteer (AU-YV)

Deadline: 15th July 2019


78 thoughts on “The African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC) Cohort 10

    1. Kenn on Reply

      African Union has been working tirelessly to resolve the problems with the AUYVC application link. It’s now up and running, thank you for your patience.

      Be assured they are ‘now receiving your applications.

  1. Souley on Reply

    Bonsoir je me nomme Souley.J’ai accedé au site pour creer mon compte.Puis je me suis identifié et completer toute l’information.Après cela j’ai bien lu et je n’ai pas vu l’offre concernant les jeunes volontaires de l’Union Africaine.Je voudrais votre assistance pour que je puisse faire l’application.
    Merci !

  2. Onengiye Nwachukwu on Reply

    I have filled out the forms and completed my profile for the 2019 volunteer program but, there isn’t any place for us to submit our application. please help us get a solution to this problem as the deadline is on the 30th. thank you.

  3. Pempho on Reply

    I have filled out the forms and completed my profile for the volunteer program but, there isn’t any place for us to submit our application. When I click on vacancies it shows nothing like vacancies , please help us get a solution to this problem as the deadline is on the 30th. thank you.

  4. joshua monoji on Reply

    I just saw the advert now and I trying to apply,they asked me to log in to VMS but I have no account with VMS so I was going to sign up for VMS to create and account but when I want to sign up,I am asked a confirmation code to access VMS.where will I get the code?

  5. UWIZEYIMANA Emmanuel on Reply

    Am very happy and am proud to be rwandan especially african people
    so we must choose what should be better for us and others

    1. Asindua George on Reply

      When are they posting names of the successful candidates for the 10th cohort of AU- Youth Volunteers 2019/2020.

  6. Akech Jok Maluil on Reply

    Am happy and proud to be African and am interest to work for African and I want to continue in rest of my life to work for African.

  7. nakamya tracy on Reply

    how do I apply to your organisation as a volunteer wat should I do because I have done my internship from WIL Uganda

    1. WILKISTER ASAMBA on Reply


  8. Muhairwe Juditor on Reply

    Thank you Very Much dear African Union For this great opportunity, I have filled out my form and am looking forward to your reply that would make me give out all I have for this great Continent Africa through the biggest Organisation in the World African Union.

  9. Akwero Kevin on Reply

    How and where did you guys get the access code to be able to create an account and fill in the application?

  10. Sixtus on Reply

    Who finally applied? I requested for an access code and was given but they say its invalid. I’ve tried all means possible to no avail…

    1. Kenn on Reply

      African Union has been working tirelessly to resolve the problems with the AUYVC application link. It’s now up and running, thank you for your patience.

      Be assured they are ‘now receiving your applications.

  11. Saidou on Reply

    Bonjour comment puis-je obtenir le code VMS pour pouvoir remplir le formulaire? Je voudrais votre aide s’il vous plaît?

  12. Bongeka on Reply

    I am experiencing problems with applying, the link wants an account of which I do not know. I am from South Africa, please help me.

  13. Tunde on Reply

    It’s now becoming problematic to register. I have been trying to register for a while without success and deadline is fast approaching. Kindly see to this.

  14. Iddriss on Reply

    The deadline for application is due. I have been trying to apply but failed, the portal was not showing up. Now the portal is open and to register I was asked of verification code. I subscribed severally and it was confirmed to me my subscription was successful yet no confirmation code or whatsoever code it is being called. I was expecting management to address this problem b4 now, for many have raised their concerns about this code yet the situation has made no significant change. I don’t know whether leaders have given restrictions to some people including me and given priority to others, if yes why so and if No why some can’t apply and others can apply. why don’t management make the application so simple, why all these difficult and complex process. If I hurt you Mr reader, forgive me, just that my passion and desperation to serve the African continent has caused me voice out my grievance over my unabling registeration. I still call for help for my verification code to register tomorrow. thank you very much.

  15. IRAMBONA Thierry on Reply

    Salut à tous. Je voudrais juste vous demander si la sélection des jeunes volontaires de l’Union africaine, édition 2019, a été déjà faite ou si, précisément, ceux qui sont sélectionnés ont reçu des notifications.
    Rappelant que la date de bénéficier des réponses était prévue le 31 juillet de cette même année.
    Réponse SVP

  16. Josephine on Reply

    So who applied for the volunteer opportunities and when?Just realizing that everyone had the same problem. Checked in and tried everyday til the deadline. Shame.

  17. peter o on Reply

    i want to register with the African Union Youth Volunteer corps, but failed to get access code. how do i get ?

  18. Blaise-Arnold MVE on Reply

    I am registering for the African Union Youth Volunteer Corps 2020 but failed to get access code. how do I get please need help?

  19. Joseph Adup Manyuat on Reply

    I have trying all days to sign up but it told me you can not sign up without access code. where do i have get access code please?

    I m really very interesting in serving in Africa first in my field as Veterinarian.

  20. Heritiana Alexis RANDRIANIAINA on Reply

    Most of the people here have problem in getting the access code to start the application and sadly, no one provides help.

  21. Etchu Baruoh Akonjock Cynthia on Reply

    Hello all I’ve tried creating my profile for African Union but didn’t receive the code,what do I do to get it to finish my registration

  22. angel on Reply

    I will assume that the application process is on a first come, first served basis and that is why the access code is not working. It is unfortunate potentially great applicants will miss out on a chance to the serve the AU. If only the process was clear about the limited slots because with the complaints about the access code, there are many speculations on the application process, selection, fairness, possible corruption om those privy to the blockage caused by the access code and the very complex nature of trying to be part of the AU. It is unfair and disappointing for the potential applicants who might as well seek opportunities to serve other nations where processes are clear and fair regardless of race and origin (brain drain starts with such disappointments for those really trying to build Africa-if the process is complicated in Africa but straightforward out of Africa, is it a wonder youth choose to leave?) All the best to those who managed to receive the elusive access code.

  23. Muddassir Sidi on Reply

    I have been trying to register several times for the African Union Volunteer Corps, but failed to get the access code, and the deadline is on 31st July, 2020. Please help out.

  24. Maxine Govender on Reply

    I have tried to Register on numerous occasions on different days and different times thinking that the site would be available.

    Kindy rectify and respond in order for us to forward our applications for the said post.

  25. Catherine Karungi on Reply

    how to I get the access code because I have filled everything. That is the only challenge and the deadline is roaming now on 31 July 2020. Please I am left with hours?

  26. Cornelius on Reply

    Please, I have completed my profile but it has been difficult for me to submit. The site keeps saying “Internal error”

  27. Lakie Mazibuko on Reply

    I couldn’t submit my application for the AU-YVC till the closing date as the application portal kept on registering an Internal error/ system error occurred during lock management message. I have tried registering numerous queries however I have not received any feedback to date. It is very frustrating as it seems the majority of recruits couldn’t finalise the application process due to the failure of the system used.

  28. Dembo on Reply

    I am Mr. Kuyateh form Banjul, The Gambia. I cant get the access code after all effort in preparing for death-line can you kindly help now.

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