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#AfricaEducatesHer Campaign 2020 (Call for Submissions)

AU/CIEFFA invites African girls and women: students, human rights’ activists and teachers/educators to submit creative content showcasing their experiences learning/teaching girls during the COVID-19 related school closures and initiatives being taken by individuals, organisations and nations to ensure girls return back to school once schools start reopening. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted education across the world and Africa has not been spared. By the 6th of April 2020, 53 African Union Member States had shut down all institutions of learning as a measure to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, affecting an estimated 250 million students across the continent.

Over 133 million of these students are girls and women, and more than 10 million of them risk not returning to school if we do not take action that guarantees their return once schools reopen. Evidence is pointing out that girls and women are suffering disproportionate effects of this pandemic as they bear the burden of care work, and are vulnerable to gender-based abuse.

#AfricaEducatesHer Campaign

Together, we can take action to ensure all girls across Africa get back to school. Let us increase our efforts to fight for girls’ right to education by advocating and lobbying to develop post-COVID-19 strategic plans for reopening schools that take into account the needs of girls and young women.

From August to December 2020 the AU/CIEFFA turns its attention to Africa Educates Her, a campaign to bring awareness around issues that hinder girls and women from accessing education and a rallying call for youth, educators, civic organisation and the AU Member States to take positive action NOW that guarantees girls return to school.

How to Apply

Submissions can be in the form of videos, blogs articles, poetry, art, photography or music. Selected submissions will be shared on the AU/CIEFFA Africa Educates Her blog and will form part of the Africa Educates Her documentary to be released at the end of 2020.

How to submit videos 

Your video must be between 3 – 5 minutes long, any submission that exceeds 5 minutes will not be considered. Use a device with a good camera and can capture sound, for example, a smartphone, a digital camera, a webcam on your laptop or a tablet 

Shoot your video in landscape format. Please see the example here. Find a quiet place to record. Avoid places with wind, traffic, or people talking. Record your video in English, French, Swahili or Portuguese. Save video in mp4. Format.

Submit videos to and the Email subject “Africa Educates Her_Video Submission”

How to submit blogs & poetry 

  • Blog Articles

Your article must be between 600 – 1200 words max Use Arial, Font size 12 and 1.15 Line Spacing. Your article must be written in English, French, Portuguese or Swahili. 

Submit articles and poetry to and the Email subject “Africa Educates Her_Blog Submission” 

  • Poetry

Written poetry should not exceed 2 pages. Use Arial Font, Size 12 and 1.15 Line Spacing.  You can submit poetry pieces in English, Swahili, French or Portuguese. 

Submit articles and poetry to and the Email subject.

How to submit photos & music 

  • Photos 

Images can be in full colour or in black and white but must not have filters Your images must be saved in JPG Format. Must be high-resolution images. Attach a description of each image in your email. 

Submit photos to and the Email subject “Africa Educates Her_Photo Submission” 

  • Music/Audio

Your audio must not exceed 4 minutes. 

Your audio must be saved mp3. Format Submit articles and poetry to and the Email subject “Africa Educates Her_Audio Submission.”

Deadline: 30th November 2020


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