Depression is a debilitating illness, or that there is no doubt. It rattles us to our very core and impacts on our relationships – the very relationships which play a crucial part in helping us to manage depression. It’s cruel.

We’ve put together this page as we understand how painful it can be to see depression consume someone you care about. Because we believe that empathy is a good place to start, we have tried to give you an understanding of what depression is like in addition to ways you can be supportive.

Our Relationships Really Matter

Supporting someone who has depression is far from easy. You may feel helpless, confused, and struggle to know what to do for the best.

In life, we all need a support squad: people we trust enough to confide in,  who will walk with us in the dark and who lift us from rock bottom.

Depression makes our need for such relationships even greater, but the illness itself tells us that we’re not worthy of them. We genuinely think you’d be better off without us. And we are determined not to be a burden – so much so that we try and push you away.

Because we understand how difficult it is to support someone with depression, AND because we know how much you are needed as a guiding light, we’ve put together some handy information with you in mind. We hope it will help you as you help others.

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