Who we are

Hire the Youth

We are taking on youth unemployment, mental health & the skills gap by pioneering new ways to prepare, support and empower young people in Africa. Hire the Youth helps young people aged 15-30 who are in/out of school, unemployed or underemployed overcome the barriers to employment through strategic partnerships, workshops, and campaigns.

We’re not your ordinary non-profit. We don’t think the world can be changed project by project all alone. Instead, we work with local partners, like school networks, NGOs and Governments, to facilitate change within their own communities.

Genuine impact in communities requires focus; so at Hire the Youth, we target four key issue areas in set geographic locations.

We’ve named these:

  • Youth Unemployment,
  • Mental Health,
  • Skills Gap,
  • Safe Spaces
  • and Climate Change

Our Unique Approach

Our community-building approach is focused on addressing overlooked factors in young people’s career development: youth unemployment, mental health & the skills gap. Young people are held back from making the most of their lives in lots of different ways. This contributes to society-wide issues like poor social inclusion, high unemployment rates, mental health issues, and inadequate skills.

Our mission is to support and empower young people through awareness by building strong and resourceful safe spaces together.

Through this approach, we aim to root our support with those closest to the people we intend to help. We recognise funding alone won’t be enough to bring about the change we want to see, so we’re always learning and adopting new tools to achieve the greatest impact around our works in communities.

Why we do what we do

Our population is growing and more than 70% of Ugandans are young people aged 30 or below have unrestricted access to economic opportunities and affordable business training and where they can register impactful participation in decision-making.

Hire the Youth’s work and efforts are timely to make a generous contribution to ensuring that every young person can access accurate information to aid and direct them in taking that crucial life decisions regarding their life skills and development, a chance at free or fair employment and education.

To achieve our targets, Hire the Youth focuses on nourishing the ecosystem for youth participation, representation, business training, and bridging opportunities.

Why youth unemployment, mental health & the skills gap?

Creating awareness and dialogue on young people’s unemployment, mental health challenges and the skills gap can have a number of benefits, including:

  • Economic Empowerment: More opportunity to learn new skills, build experience, discover business opportunities and earn jobs.
  • Inclusive Citizenship: Greater access to and confidence within society, leading to a stronger willingness to contribute towards it.
  • Freedom & Innovation: Knowing and being inspired by more young people can lead to more choice and new ideas.
  • Personal Growth: Understanding all the different ways young people like you can live fulfilling lives can increase self-belief and motivation to succeed.
  • Learning: We believe by sharing evidence and insight, we can drive change, and continuously innovate, adapt and improve what we do.
  • Influencing: We believe by championing and convening alongside others, we can contribute to accelerating changes in attitudes, policies and practices on the issues we care about.

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