About Us

A youth-led initiative with the aim to support & empower young people against employment challenges in Uganda and Africa as a whole. Hire the Youth aims to help young people aged 15-30 who are in/out of school, unemployed or underemployed overcome the barriers to employment. We also avail youth friendly opportunities to make a successful transition to employment.

We hope to dispel the negative stereotypes of young people by giving them a platform where they can express themselves and issues affecting them.  Our initiative is developed, run and managed by young people because we want young people to be independent, happy, flourish, get a job, work out who they are, irrespective of their background.

Our Mission

To help young people overcome the barriers to employment.

Our Vision

A nation free from youth unemployment.

Our Core Values


We work purposefully and with a sustained effort to achieve a long-term impact of solving unemployment so that all young people can have a fair chance at employment.


We recognize that no single person can solve unemployment and its complex effects, therefore we believe that people working together can create greater impact than any one individual or organization can accomplish alone.


We believe in constantly learning and taking bold actions that create lasting, systemic change within the society.

Our Objectives

  • To empower unemployed young people
  • To overcome the barriers to youth employment
  • To dispel the negative stereotypes of uneducated young people
  • To cultivate an entrepreneurial & productive mindset amongst young people
  • To champion the fight against unemployment amongst youth
  • To avail youth friendly career advice and opportunities